Our Story

Emma and I first met during a media studies class back in 2007, where we worked on our first film together; a delightful student film about a killer clown.

Our joint interest in the arts sparked an instant friendship and the both of us and a number of friends formed a cinema club. Over many years we would all take weekly trips to our local cinema and see the latest film releases.

I have always loved Cinema – starting with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters and Jim Carrey movies in my childhood – and since discovering Kevin Smith and the concept of auteurism in my teens I knew that I wanted to try my hand at filmmaking, so in 2011 I attended London South Bank University.

After College Emma Studied Illustration and then went on to travel around the world. Upon her return our relationship evolved from a friendship into a Romance and we have never looked back.

After earning a degree in Film Studies I began working for a company producing Wedding Films. During this time I worked at some wonderful weddings and venues throughout Surrey, Sussex and London.

As long as I have known Emma she has been one of the most artistic and creative people I have known, one look at her personal Instagram account will make it obvious that she has the creative eye that people look for in the Wedding business, so when Emma suggested the idea that I start my own Wedding Film business, I said I would take the leap if she joined me, Emma agreed and we have been making wedding films ever since!

Credit: Jessica Joan Photography

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