Last weekend we took part in another great Wedding Fair at The Talbot, in Ripley, Surrey. We met a lot of wonderful couples who were all in various stages of planning their big days; we also met some great vendors, including Photographer Shell Sperling, DJ2K and Daisy’s Ice Cream (thanks to the latter for the lovely Mango Sorbet!)

Whilst chatting with the various people we met, I noticed a common topic of conversation was how and why we got into the Wedding industry and started producing Wedding films. I thought I’d write a blog post to shed some light on the subject!

I have always loved Cinema – starting with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters and Jim Carrey movies in my childhood – and since discovering Kevin Smith and the concept of auteurism in my teens I knew I wanted to try my hand at filmmaking. I studied film at College and went on to earn a degree in Film Studies at London South Bank University. Having always gravitated towards the practical side of filmmaking I began working for a company producing Wedding Films once I was out of University and looking to make my way. I worked at some wonderful weddings and venues throughout Surrey, Sussex and London but sensed that I wanted to take my work in a more creative and unique direction – in short, I needed to work for myself but didn’t have the confidence to take the jump.

As long as I have known Emma she’s been one of the most artistic and creative people I know, one look at her Instagram account will make it obvious that she has the creative eye that people look for in the Wedding business. She suggested the idea of starting my own Wedding Film business and I said I’d do it if she joined me and we worked together in both filming the day and splitting the editing duties. She agreed and the rest is history!

Photo Credit: Lehane Wedding Photography – Daz Shoots Weddings

We have a great time filming Weddings together. Firstly, we live in a great location – Reigate, Surrey; we have immediate access to the wonderful towns and picturesque countryside landscapes found throughout Surrey, we’re also just outside of the M25 and so getting into London for a different flavour of Wedding is easy and just as enjoyable for us, too! It’s also not a far drive to the coast for us and we love filming in places like Brighton, Eastbourne, Sussex and the surrounding areas. Having said all of that, we’re also suckers for a road trip and have and will continue to take on bookings from all over the country (and if we’re lucky, one day we’ll get to film a Wedding abroad!).

We also feel like we’ve got a very unique approach to Wedding Films. We let the visuals tell the story of the day, I’ll un-intrusively follow the action surrounding the happy couple and their guests, whilst Emma hangs back and uses that creative eye I’d previously mentioned to capture the smaller details that a lot of people may miss whilst caught up in the excitement. In addition to this, we also utilise the audio side of filmmaking to it’s fullest potential; we meet with the couple in the lead up to the big day and conduct interviews that chronicle their relationship – how they met, their first date, how they got engaged etc, this gives us a chance to meet them (avoiding any awkwardness on the big day), and we then use these recordings as voiceovers in their film, allowing not only the story of their wedding, but their story as a couple, to unfold on screen.

Weddings are amazing days to capture, everybody in attendance is in such a happy mood and the effort that is put in always results in a visually stunning setting. It may be a cliché but it’s true to say that every couple is different and this is reflected in every Wedding.

Plus, working with Emma is ok 😉